6. How To


Resources for this module

  • Guide – 6. How to Plan and Implement
  • Template | Sustainability Plan
  • Template | Internal Engagement Plan
  • Template | Sustainable Sourcing Code
  • 11th Hour Racing Team Case Study

The sixth step in the process is to create an action plan to address each of your targets. The tools in this module will assist you in identifying tools and resources to execute your plans.  Utilize the Sustainability Plan Template to help provide a framework to describe your new procedures, roles and responsibilities.

Resources for this module

Step 1

Read through the guide to understand the steps for engaging your stakeholders. 

Step 2

See how the steps have been applied in the supporting 11th Hour Racing Team case study.

Step 3

Download the Stakeholder Mapping and Survey Templates, customize them to your organization’s needs, using them to help you define, prioritize and engage your stakeholders.


5. How To


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