Q2 24 – Newsletter

Stay updated on the latest conversations in The Toolbox Forums – a dynamic space where you can connect, learn, and collaborate with peers and industry experts. Whether you’re engaging with other members of the Toolbox community or joining sector-specific groups, the forums offer a supportive community to help you stay updated on the latest conversations and resources in sustainability. Here are some key benefits of participating in the forums:

Networking: Access a broad network of professionals and organizations to exchange valuable insights, resources, and best practices. Share your successes, challenges, and lessons learned in implementing sustainability strategies.

Sector-Specific Groups: Join or create working groups tailored to your sector or area of interest. These dedicated groups will enable deeper discussions and targeted problem-solving, helping you address sector-specific challenges and explore opportunities.

Resource Hub: Discover and discuss new tools, tutorials, resources, and methodologies.
Share external articles, case studies, and innovations to contribute to
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We’re excited to unveil The Toolbox’s new series of tutorial videos, designed to guide you
step-by-step through the process of building your sustainability strategy. This new series consists of eight detailed tutorials, each focusing on the key steps in The Toolbox process to create your robust sustainability plan.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your existing sustainability initiatives, these tutorials have something for everyone. Step 1: Assessing Your Starting Point and Step 2: Creating a Sustainability Policy are live now and we’ll be releasing a video for each step monthly on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to stay updated with new content.

But, if you just can’t wait for the rest of the videos, all tutorials will be available on our forum’s platform. We encourage you to comment, ask questions, share insights, and discuss different ways of tailoring the tools to your needs. Through this interactive, approach the learning doesn’t stop when the video ends.

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A new collaboration between The Toolbox and the Ski Austria, the Austrian Ski Federation (ASF) was confirmed this month for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in Saalbach 2025. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, ASF and the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) will be using The Toolbox to bring the event into conformance with  ISO 20121:2024, the international standard for sustainable event management.

Additionally, giving back to our Toolbox community, ASF will be supporting the translation of the resources into German, enhancing accessibility and impact.

This project aims to set a new benchmark for sustainability in skiing events and will be replicable at future ski championships, ensuring operational efficiency and environmental responsibility throughout the industry. By leveraging the tools and community expertise, ASF and FIS are poised to lead the way in sustainable event management for future championships. Stay tuned for more updates!

Introducing our latest resource: The Toolbox External Tools Directory. This compilation features the top 100 tools utilized and recommended within our Toolbox community, sourced from external experts and organizations. While not exhaustive, this directory serves as a robust starting point for accessing resources and guidance on specific sustainability activities and topics and will be updated every 2 years.

Navigate the directory effortlessly using filters and categorization by steps to support various stages of your sustainability journey, from assessment to implementation and beyond.

Whether you are looking to refine current practices or explore innovative strategies, this curated collection offers practical solutions and insights to elevate your sustainability initiatives and strategies with a range of tools and methodologies!

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From June 11th to 13th, The Toolbox attended the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) Summit in Los Angeles. This event, which brought together hundreds of speakers from the worlds of sport and sustainability, provided an excellent platform for engagement and learning. Our Community Manager, Isaac Murray, connected with representatives from major leagues like the PGA, MLB, NBA, and NFL, as well as prominent teams and organizations such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Speedway, Golden State Warriors, and Sony Music.

The Toolbox’s highlight was contributing to the Building Sustainability Strategy Workshop. This session equipped venue operators with practical strategies and tools for developing and implementing effective sustainability plans. Attendees, including key sustainability leaders and innovative enterprises, shared insights and learned from successful case studies, leaving them empowered to create positive impacts through sustainable practices.

We are proud to have been part of this summit, reinforcing our commitment to advancing sustainability in sports.

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We’re excited to announce that The Toolbox has officially joined the Carbon Accounting Alliance (CAA) and allied with Sports Positive!

Founded by Andrew Griffiths and Emilien Hoet of Planet Mark and ClimatePartner, the CAA provides a vital platform for organizations in the carbon accounting sector to collaborate, share knowledge, and address shared challenges.

As a member of the CAA, The Toolbox is committed to technical alignment, professionalization, and influencing policies that promote sustainability and combat climate change. We are eager to contribute our free tools and community expertise to enhance collective efforts toward carbon reduction and environmental stewardship.

We have also entered allyship with Sports Positive, a dynamic force empowering the global sports community to elevate ambitions and drive action on climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, and environmental justice. They passionately unite industry leaders worldwide, host an influential annual Summit with UNFCCC and IOC, and pioneer the dissemination of environmental sustainability data through their impactful Leagues initiative.

Mutually promoting advancement in the sport sustainability movement, we’re excited to announce that all Toolbox members can benefit from a 20% discount on registration to the Sports Positive Summit using code TLBXSPS24. Together with CAA and Sports Positive, The Toolbox is looking forward to advancing sustainability practices and making a positive impact on our planet.

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