How It Works


The value of The Toolbox is the community that creates, uses and maintains it.

Welcome to The Toolbox! 

The Toolbox is a free suite of guides, tools, and templates housed within an 8-step process to help teams and organizations create a comprehensive sustainability program. Created by the 11th Hour Racing Team, we aim to make sustainability strategy more accessible. We recognize as organizations realize the importance of the sustainable transition, it can be daunting to know where to start and how to tackle the magnitude of the challenge.

Our framework aims to equip teams and organizations with resources and a step-by-step roadmap to integrate sustainability practices in their operations. The project is built on the Creative Commons ethos that ‘when we share, everyone wins’. This core belief is backed by our creative commons license and underpins the knowledge-sharing foundation of The Toolbox community. Sharing resources, case studies and enabling all members of the community to participate in the pursuit of a fair and sustainable future is what drives us. Therefore, the value of the toolbox lies in the community that develops, utilizes, and sustains it.

The Process

Our process takes your organization from realizing the need to change to communicating with stakeholders, designing initiatives, to reporting on sustainability. You can integrate standards and certifications for your sector and set targets in line with industry best practices and carbon reduction pathways.

Each step has a quick guide, a how-to guide, case studies, and templates. You can choose to use part of The Toolbox at different stages of your sustainability plan or follow the whole process. However you choose to work with The Toolbox, 1:1 support is provided by the toolbox team to help you make the most out of the tools. For more advanced support or bespoke workshops for your organization, The Toolbox accelerator allows you to devise a project with The Toolbox team that provides additional assistance to overcome your barriers whilst creating more value for the Toolbox Community.

Creative Commons

The Toolbox is created under a license with the Creative Commons, whose ethos is “when we share, everyone wins.” As members of The Toolbox community, understanding what these licenses mean and why your input is so important is essential to the continued upkeep and improvement of this open-access set of assets

There are four key tenets of our creative commons of licenses that you need to know when using our assets.

No Derivatives


Share Alike




In order to help The Toolbox evolve and stay current, we hope that you contribute to the sharing ethos of this community by promoting The Toolbox through your own network and evolving the resources through collective knowledge. The first two tenets help you understand which resources can be modified. 
‘No Derivatives’ and ‘Share Alike’ refer to two relevant licenses:

  • ‘No-Derivatives’ resources are those that should not be modified.
    These documents are in PDF format and will have a footer as follows:

‘(Document name) by ‘Username’ and the community of Toolbox users is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.’

  • ‘Share Alike’ can be modified, improved, and personalized to your organization’s needs. We encourage you to share adaptations, improvements, and new assets with other users on the platform through this function.
    These documents are presented in Excel format and will have a footer as follows:

(Document name) by the community of Toolbox users is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.’

The third tenet of the creative commons license is known as ‘Non-Commerical’. All of the assets are free to use, whether you are a team, business, consultant, or other type of organization. As such, we do stipulate that the assets cannot be re-sold, as the objective of The Toolbox is to empower organizations with accessible and free-to-use resources rather than create financial barriers. 

The fourth tenet is ‘Attribution’. While these are free to use, we also ask that you credit the original creators when referring to The Toolbox (The Toolbox community, and/or 11th Hour Racing). 

If you would like to find out more about these licenses, check out the Creative Commons website here.


We look forward to hearing how you use the tools. The Toolbox team wishes you all the best on your sustainability journey!