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  • Michael

    May 30, 2024 at 5:07 pm

    @susietomson I am starting a new soccer club here in Southern Oregon. Part of the vision to grow the club is to have sustainability as part of the core value structure of the club’s role at the center of what we intend to be a powerful local regenerative socio-economic ecosystem. My mid term vision is bridge the new club with a green assets marketplace and integrate with the MLS and eventually FIFA on the road to WC 2026 North America. as part of this big hairy vision I see opportunity to build a regenerative soccer stadium and implement a pivot point in small market community owned sustainability first professional sports teams.

    I would be like to hear from Susie Thompson more about her work with the Fenway Group, Liverpool FC and the creation of the Red Way campaign. Specifically I am looking for contributions form experts who have successfully worked with soccer clubs in implementing sustainability programs that achieve base of the pyramid fan stakeholder buy in. My model needs a hook to make sustainabilty meaningful to the average fan. My plan is to incentivize sustainability best practices through rewards systems tied to fan engagement.



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