Q4 23 – Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new sustainability reporting template for Step 8! The template is designed to support you in identifying the right reporting framework for your organization, and prompts you to consider the key topics to report on.  

The template empowers you to establish a robust organizational context, laying a strong foundation for your sustainability report. It invites you to encompass environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability and guides you in demonstrating your organization’s commitment to engagement and responsiveness to stakeholder interests. Furthermore, the template encourages you to methodically identify and address material issues, enhancing the report’s relevance and impact.

Get ready to streamline your reporting process and unlock the potential of sustainable growth with our innovative template.

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The UK government updates its greenhouse gas conversion factors yearly so businesses and organizations can report using the most up-to-date criteria.

While Toolbox users can download and update these factors – or factors from their own country manually – each year, The Toolbox team does the ‘heavy lifting’ for you by updating the tool with internationally recognized UK carbon factors.

Our updated Carbon Calculator tool is now available in all four languages on the platform. If you need additional guidance or support using our carbon calculator, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Download the Carbon Calculator from Step 7

We are thrilled to have won the BASIS Award for Innovation in Initiatives and Products,. The British Association for Sustainability in Sport recognizes the profound impact of sports in nurturing healthy lifestyles and strengthening community bonds. They are dedicated to encouraging sports organizations to leverage professional sports’ influence to steer society toward enhanced social and environmental sustainability.

The Toolbox team, proudly accepted the award on behalf of The Toolbox community at the prestigious event held on November 7th at AELTC Wimbledon, alongside some of the most influential figures in UK sports sustainability.

Exciting times ahead as we gear up for a series of webinars this Quarter! We delivered a successful webinar for World Sailing and their Members on 1st Nov.

We’re also working on a special online lecture for Bologna University as part of their Sustainability module in the engineering course.

Participants will have the opportunity to use The Toolbox to craft a mini strategy for their product, business, or supply chain.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you would like us to run a webinar with your stakeholders, please get in touch.